As we talk about extensively in the Local Lead Generation book, it is very important to have certain types of content on the website of a local business in order to help it turn up in search results on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Unfortunately, all too often local businesses spend more time, energy, and money on the design of a website than they do on creating content for the website.  This is especially true when it comes to how they list their products or services on their website.

In many cases, local businesses simply create one page called “services” where they list, perhaps in bullet point fashion, all the services that they provide.

Even when they do have a separate page on their website for each of their services (as they should), often there is less than 300 words of content on the page.  The content is usually a fairly generic description of the service that could apply to any business who provides the service.

Write a Buyer’s Guide

A better way to approach creating a service detail page for a local business website is to pretend you are writing a buyer’s guide about that service.

For example, let’s say you’re a business broker that sells companies and other types of small businesses.  If you were writing a buyer’s guide for business owners that helped them to make educated decisions about selling their small businesses, you wouldn’t make it a mere 300 words long, would you?

Of course not.  You’d want the guide to include comprehensive discussion about different styles of security cameras, different types of cameras, strengths and weaknesses of the top manufacturers of security cameras, and recommendations about where in a business to install security cameras.

You’d also want the guide to be illustrated with pictures, graphics, and (since it’s an online guide) videos supporting your main points.  You would even want to link to external websites where you sourced the information you used in your guide.

Last but definitely not least, you would want to include information about your company’s security camera installation service specifically, including any differences between your services and various competitors.  If you had any testimonials from customers about your security camera installation services, you could include those in highlight boxes on the page.

In other words, you’d want your website page about security camera installation to look a lot like this one–which, not coincidentally, is a page created for the website of a client of one of the authors of the Local Lead Generation book.

Once you add this type of detail to your service detail pages, you’ll likely experience several benefits:

  • More traffic from organic search:  Thanks to all the detailed content on your new service detail pages, they’ll turn up higher in more long-tail internet searches (i.e., very specific searches often done by people further along in the buying cycle).
  • Longer time on page: People will likely spend longer on your website as they read the information on your page, watch some of the embedded videos, and perhaps even visit other pages on your website that you link to in the content of your service detail page.  The longer someone spends on your website, the more likely they are to convert.
  • More links to your website: If you make your “buyer’s guide” truly valuable and informative, other websites might link to it, which will in turn increase your domain authority and cause the page to rank higher in search results…which will lead to more traffic…which will lead to more links…and so on and so forth in a cycle of traffic and links.

Obviously, creating detailed service pages like this is not easy, otherwise everyone would do it.  However, for those who put in the time and energy–or hire someone like the authors of Local Lead Generation to do it for them–the results are well worth it.