The Internet is where nearly everyone goes today when in search of products, information, services, and of course entertainment; it is no surprise that small businesses take their efforts online in an effort to make their companies “seem” bigger than they actually are in reality. Small businesses, like large corporations, want to attract the greatest portion of their target audience possible, which requires a professional and sizeable presence online, just as all businesses of every size seek to accomplish. How can online videos give your small business that boost you’re looking for – and transform how your target audience perceives the scale of your company’s online presence?

The answer…no surprise is: video. Video content is the number one way to achieve your goals to inflate your presence, stretch your reach, increase visibility, and open the door to connect with your target audience. First of all, it’s important to note that when it comes to increasing online presence and becoming more visible, engaging content rules the web, and video is the type of content most attractive to consumers today. Essentially, while written words certainly educate and inform, videos make your business more real to potential leads and clients by putting an interactive human face and personality on the persona of your online business affairs.

Videos often go “viral.” While your purpose should be to educate, inform, or even demonstrate the product or service your company offers to a very targeted audience through video, many online videos have a viral effect. When your video is well produced, engaging, and offers value in a way that differentiates your company from others, it’s likely it will be shared through social media and other channels. For example, if you are a business broker, try posting an educational video about selling your business, or create testimonial videos from happy clients. Place these videos on your small business website, and others may link to it, share it, or comment about it, which reverberates social media signals across Google and other search engine algorithms that are key to your place in the internet marketplace i.e SERP. Or, link to your video from the social media platforms you use most. That’s the beauty of the Internet – a compelling, informative video can spread like wildfire!

Online videos can give your small business a huge presence online simply because you can reach a wider audience, improve the aesthetics of your website exponentially, and improve search engine ranking simultaneously. Videos make it possible for your “creative,” human side to be seen by potential leads and clients. Whether you’re a bit comical, controversial, or more imaginative and unique than most, it will make your company more memorable in the minds of those who view your video – and ultimately result in your company becoming more and more visible online.

The bottom line is this: People don’t only want to read what your company is about, they want to SEE and HEAR what your company is about. Consumers who want to learn more about a product or service before they buy want a more personal, human approach; it increases the trust factor. There is no better way to cultivate a presence that looms larger than life than with online video!

About The Author:  Christian Vedder started Viral Video Marketing LLC to provide a personal, convenient, and mobilized service that delivers affordable and timely high-quality online video content. Vedder’s Kansas City video production agency specializes in video marketing, video-SEO strategies, online video content creation and producing broadcast style videos for websites and special events. His media background includes performing as a commercial voice-over artist, and work as a national sports radio correspondent.