In order to help you learn more about the topics we discuss in the book and apply them to your business, we’ve compiled a list of additional resources related to the content of each chapter.  Scroll down to the appropriate chapter to see the resources related to that content.

Chapter 2: Strategy

In this chapter, we discuss some of the ideas put forward by Duct Tape Marketing about developing an effective marketing strategy for your business, such as the Marketing Hourglass.

Check out the revised and updated edition of the Duct Tape Marketing book for much more about these ideas.

Chapter 3: Content Marketing

In the chapter on content marketing, we discuss how to create a marketing kit for your business.  Visit our special offers page to download a template you can use to create your own marketing kit, or click here to download an example of a marketing kit that one of the authors created for his business.

Chapter 4: Website Design

Visit our special offers page to download an infographic showing you exactly how to lay out your small business website using proven best practices.

Two of the tools we recommend using for creating your website are WordPress and Rainmaker.  Learn more about Rainmaker here, and learn more about WordPress using the links below.

Official WordPress website

WordPress 101 video tutorials

We also recommend doing a “five second test” in this chapter to determine how important first impressions of a website are.  You can visit to do tests on real websites, or sign up to have other people test your website.

Chapter 5–SEO & PPC

In our chapter on SEO & PPC, we use the terms URL, title tag, meta tag, and alt description.  Download the official SEO Starter’s Guide for an explanation of all of these terms (and a lot of other useful information as well).

Click here to get a free one-click SEO analysis for your website: SEO Website Review.

We also discuss Google’s Adwords advertising service in this chapter.  Click here to learn more about Adwords.

Another term we use in the SEO chapter is anchor text and anchor links.  In the previous sentence, the words “SEO Chapter” are the anchor text for a link to the home page of this website.  If we were to tell you to visit, that would not be an anchor text link.

For further reading and a much deeper dive into the world of SEO, we recommend The Art of SEO by Eric Enge.

Chapter 6: Analytics

One of the tools we mention in the chapter on Analytics is Google Analytics, a powerful and free service that tracks visits to your website.  Learn more about Google Analytics here.

Here are links to some of the CRM systems we recommend in this chapter:

Zoho CRM

Nimble CRM


Lastly, here is a link to an article from the Content Marketing Institute that we reference in this chapter.

Chapter 7: Reputation Management and Directory Marketing

In our chapter on reputation management, we mention several important directories where you should establish or claim a listing for your business.  Here are links to a few of the most important:

Google+ (or Google My Business)

Yahoo Local


Bing Places

For a deeper dive into reputation management, we recommend The Marketer’s Guide to Customer Reviews by Jon Hall.

Chapter 8: Email Marketing and Social Media

Here are some of the marketing services that we mention in this chapter:

Also, although this tool wasn’t mentioned in the book due to the fact that it didn’t exist until the book was going to print, we highly recommend checking out Social Quant to help grow your following on Twitter.  In fact, the authors used Social Quant to grow the following for this book’s Twitter account by over 100% in less than 48 hours.

We also mention all the possibilities available for advertising on Facebook.  Learn more about Facebook advertising here.

Chapter 9: Referral Marketing

If you want to dive much deeper into referral marketing, we strongly recommend that you pick up a copy of Renewable Referrals, a book by one of the authors of Local Lead Generation that teaches you how to form long-lasting strategic partnerships with other small business owners.

Speaking of strategic partners, another recommendation we make in this chapter is that you take a look at Business Network InternationalClick here to learn more about BNI and find a chapter near you, and check out some books by the founder of BNI, Dr. Ivan Misner, including Networking Like a Pro and Business by Referral.


Chapter 10: Direct Mail

One of the tools we recommend in this chapter is the Every Door Direct service offered by the USPS.  Click here to learn more about EDDM.

Another direct mail tool we recommend is Send Out Cards.  You can learn more about Send Out Cards here, or fill out the form below to request a coupon code you can use for a free trial.

Send Out Cards Trial