Jusin SturgesAs a speaker, Justin brings his creativity and vision to make local marketing informative, fun and most importantly, effective. He navigates the marketing landscape and condenses it into an essential set of tools and concepts that every business owner needs to understand.

He moves step by step through exactly how to create a local lead generation system that delivers a predictable stream of ideal customers and referrals into their business.

He introduces the basic strategies that every business must follow to find the right market positioning, core differentiators and message that will strike a chord with their ideal prospects.

Then he walks you through the tactical options that every business owner needs to know, and how they should work together as a lead generation system that doesn’t drive you totally crazy to manage. This includes: geo-targeted online advertising, local SEO, targeted email marketing, content development, social media syndication, hyper targeted direct mail, and a variety of niche lead generation tools.

Justin has taken his 20 years of online marketing experience and condensed it into a practical workshop designed to give local business owners the ability to grow their business effectively and with unique clarity.