“The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Local Lead Generation is your ticket to success. Get it right now!”
-John Jantsch, bestselling author of Duct Tape Marketing

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-Michael Port, New York Times bestselling author of Book Yourself Solid

“As a small business owner, you don’t have a war chest of money to burn on marketing and advertising. What you need is a way to take smarter action that gets the right results. Read this book and you’ll see more leads come in, period.”
-Brian Clark, CEO, Copyblogger Media

“If you’re serious about learning powerful tactics to grow your local business, this book is for you. The authors’ experience as both Duct Tape Marketing Consultants and BNI members makes them uniquely qualified to explain small business marketing in a way that’s easy to understand, even for someone without a background in marketing.”
-Dr. Ivan Misner, Ph.D., founder of BNI, and coauthor of the New York Times bestseller, Masters of Networking

“Growing your business is hard, and you need to find customers to do it.  The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Local Lead Generation will help you make it happen.
-Mike McDerment, Co-founder and CEO of Freshbooks

“While skeptical when I was first approached to review this book, I was pleasantly surprised by the insight and value the The Small Business Owner’s Guide To Local Lead Generation book provides. I feel though that the value they are offering extends well beyond just local lead generation and can easily apply to David and Goliath situations in non-local businesses. What I like the most is its emphasis on understanding your users, and the need to apply sweat equity into the process, not chase the latest tactics and trends. I will be sharing this book with my own marketing team, and recommend you do as well. Wading through the mountain of noise on the web is difficult, when you come across practical sound advice, you have to jump on it!”
-Tony Perez, Co-Founder / CEO at Sucuri, Inc.

“The Small Business Owners Guide to Local Lead Generation is first and foremost a guide to help small business owners overcome small thinking. True to the authors’ training as Duct Tape Marketing Consultants, they help us recognize the competitive advantages that small and local business owners have over larger concerns. Then they systematically walk through how to exploit those advantages with practical advice and tactics to fuel lead-generation and growth. This book is a worthy read for anyone out there fighting the good fight!”
-Jon Hall, Founder/CEO of Grade.us and author of The Marketer’s Guide to Customer Reviews

“This is a great resource for any local business that is trying to figure out how they can generate leads and ultimately revenue for their business. I highly recommend it.”
-Dan Olson, CEO, UpCity.com

“Smart small business owners realize that they have significant advantages over their larger, more cumbersome competition. This book will teach you how to fight with the big guys and win.”
-Eric Enge, CEO of Stone Temple Consulting and author of The Art Of SEO

“Since I work with a lot of small businesses, I see first hand how big of an impact local search and marketing has. I’d recommend The Small Business Owners Guide to Local Lead Generation to any small business owner who wants to start developing and implementing the same strategies big companies do to dominate their local market.”

-Kelsey Jones, Executive Editor at Search Engine Journal

“Our small business clients are always looking to grow through smart, effective approaches to marketing. The Small Business Owners Guide to Local Lead Generation is the guide our clients need to really help drive their businesses forward.”
– J. Phillip Jett, President Central Arkansas, IBERIABANK

“This is a great book for small business owners looking to connect with local prospects and customers without spending a lot of time or money. It’s written by marketing experts with simple ideas and case studies that will help them grow their businesses!”
Jon Ferrara, CEO, Nimble

“The Duct Tape Marketing Consultants spell out practical, affordable steps for small business owners to map out strategies to make the phone ring. This book is what the business owner needs – a quick read, but the keys to blending traditional and digital marketing for successful brand awareness and lead generation.”
-Tracey Osborne, President, Overland Park Chamber of Commerce

“Are you a small business David surveying a field crowded with big business Goliaths? This book gives you the smooth stones for your marketing sling to bring those Goliaths down. You don’t need to be bigger or richer than those Goliaths, you just need the wisdom in this book!”
-Mark Traphagen, Senior Director of Online Marketing, Stone Temple Consulting

“This guide empowers small business owners to take control of their marketing and bring more customers in the door. These are not one-time hacks but easy to understand lessons that are both cost-effective and repeatable. Competitors will be left scratching their heads.”
-Mickie Kennedy, President of eReleases

“The Small Business Owners Guide to Local Lead Generation perfectly addresses the struggles of businesses trying to build online presence and provides actionable advice. It’s a must-read for any small business owner.”
Ann Smarty, Brand Manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas

“One of the biggest problems that small businesses face is how to generate leads and revenue. The authors of this book not only recognize how important it is for businesses today to come up
with a cost effective marketing strategy, but they also outline every step of the process. Whether you’re just getting started as a small local business or want to improve your existing
marketing strategy, read this book. Your clients will thank you.”
Philip Petrescu, Founder and CEO of Advanced Web Ranking

“All revenue starts with a good lead source. This book breaks down the process of generating leads and turning them into revenue. And most important, for small business owners without dedicated marketing staff and living with tight budgets, the information is to the point, practical, and designed to provide a competitive edge.”
-Kelly Scanlon, President & CEO, Thinking Bigger Business Media, Inc.

“There are a plethora of books available to help business owners looking to generate new business, but this concise book is powerfully packed with easy to implement, practical and money generating ideas. It is specifically geared to take the small business owner to the next level. If you are looking for concrete ideas to boost your bottom line The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Local Lead Generation is the book for you.”
-Dawne Brooks Gulla, Executive Director, BNI Central Virginia

“I talk to small business owners all the time who struggle with bringing in new customers. It turns out it’s because they haven’t read this book yet! These guys are true marketing pros who start with the strategy and then deliver on great tactics that work in today’s challenging environment. It’s simple – read this, implement and get more business.”
-Shawn Kinkade, President, Aspire Business Development, Board Director Leawood Chamber of Commerce