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Video Gives Small Businesses A Bigger, More Professional Presence

The Internet is where nearly everyone goes today when in search of products, information, services, and of course entertainment; it is no surprise that small businesses take their efforts online in an effort to make their companies “seem” bigger than they actually are in reality. Small businesses, like large corporations, want to attract the greatest portion of their target audience possible, which requires a professional and sizeable presence online, just as all businesses of every size seek to accomplish. How can online videos give your small business that boost you’re looking for – and transform how your target audience perceives the scale of your company’s online presence? Read More

Why You Should Learn Basic Sales Skills

They say that hindsight is 20/20, and in hindsight I think there is a chapter that we, the authors of The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Local Lead Generation, should have included in the book…a chapter on basic sales skills.

Yes, I know that the book was about lead generation, not lead conversion, but the fact is that lead generation is a pointless waste of money if the small business owner (or their staff) does not have the basic sales skills necessary to convert leads to customers. Read More